Spare parts

Our goal is for our valves to have the longest possible lifespan and therefore offer service, repair, and spare parts. Through regular maintenance, you save both on costs and the environment and ensure the operation of your process.

To make it easier for our customers, we always recommend stocking a spare parts kit already when purchasing the valve, for future spare part replacements. Our spare parts are always of the same high quality as the parts that were fitted to the valve when it was new and are manufactured for maximum lifespan, safety and performance.

Spare parts for Ramén valves

Our own Ramén valves, KS ball sector valves, VAC vacuum valves and BAS check valves, are developed for tough requirements with reliability and simple maintenance in focus. That's why they all have a recommended spare parts kit with clear instructions for how spare parts easily, safely and securely should be replaced. When our valves are maintained and repaired with the recommended spare parts, we can guarantee many years of trouble-free operation.

Spare parts kit - Always in stock

We always have spare parts for Ramén Kulsektorventil and Badger Meter control valves on stock in our workshop in Bromma, Stockholm, which allows fast deliveries. 

If you need support when performing service or replacing spare parts, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you. We can also carry out maintenance and spare part exchange for you in our workshop if you prefer.

Spare parts
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