Ball sector valves

Ball sector valves, also known as V-notch ball valves or segmented ball valves, are a type of control valve used to regulate the flow of fluids in industrial processes. These valves are designed with a specially shaped ball that has a V-notch or segmented opening, allowing for precise flow control in applications where throttling and modulating control is required.

Our own Ramén Ball Sector Valve has been proven since the 1950s in a wide range of process industries. These include pulp and paper, mining, chemical and various gas applications. Ramén Ball Sector Valves are designed to be used as control valves for liquids, gases, steam, media with suspended solids, sludge, abrasive slurries, powder, pellets and viscous media.

How does the Ramén Ball Sector Valve operates? 

Ramén Ball Sector Valve is made from a half ball sector which via two shafts is journal led in the valve body. One part of the ball sector sphere is used for shut-off. The other part does the regulation and has a hole with a diameter of about 80% of the nominal valve size. This is the optimal size to get excellent regulating characteristics.

The ball sector is turned through about 90° on operation from fully open to closed. The shape of the valve opening (flow area) is thereby changing from fully circular to elliptical. The circular opening reduces the risk of blockage and is less subject to wear in throttling position than the more slot-like flow in certain other types of control valves.

Benefits of the KS construction

  • Compact, robust and low weight design with minimum footprint reducing cost and environmental impact.

  • Self-draining and centric design with no hidden cavities ensuring no fluid entrapment in dead ends especially when throttling slurries, thus preventing valve damage caused by thermal expansion.

  • Elliptical to circular throttling edge. Maintaining flow consistency with no dewatering or plugging when controlling pulps and slurries and reducing wear especially at small valve openings where velocity is high.

  • Ball Sectors with straight-through bore design giving equal percentage control characteristic ensuring high capacity, high control accuracy and wide rangeability (300:1).

  • High-pressure recovery, an optimized solution for low-pressure applications with low-pressure recovery factor (FL).

  • Low torque operation ensuring easy automation with small actuators saving cost.

  • Simple and minimal maintenance requirements thanks to the optimum design of its mechanical components.

  • Excellent seat tightness according to EN60534-4, leakage rate VI for soft seat and IV for metal seat.

Ramén Ball Sector Valve configurations and common applications

The Ramén Ball Sector Valve is available with a number of different configurations:

KS-1- Natural choice for clean and non-abrasive liquid or gas at moderate pressures, pressure drops and temperatures.

KS-1A - Excellent choice for wastewater, fibre suspensions and some abrasive media.

KS-1B - Suitable for many abrasive fluids containing hard particles at elevated velocities and temperatures.

KS-1C – Has increased protection against abrasion ensuring extended service life for throttling high-velocity process fluids.

KS-1E - Offers long service life for any applications with highly abrasive media containing hard particles within the pulp & paper industries, mining, wastewater in steel mills, sewage plants and many others.

KSG/KSGF – A rubber-lined control valve that offers extended resistance to wear in mining, industrial and municipal water, wastewater, and slurry applications.

To find the best option for your application contact us.

Ball sector valves
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