Safety valves

Ramén Valves offers safety valves for gas, steam and liquids in industrial and cryogenic applications. Our safety valves come from the German manufacturer Herose and are designed to handle high pressures and temperatures. They are used to protect the equipment from overpressure and thereby prevent potential accidents or damage.

Our safety valves are available in a variety of designs with different materials, seals, with/without light mechanism and in gas-tight/open variants. Feel free to contact us and our technical experts will help you to choose the right safety valve for your specific application.

Industry safety valves

Safety valves are used within the industry to secure closed systems and protect people and equipment from harm. They are important components that come in many different types, models, and materials. Each industry has its unique set of requirements that installed safety valves must meet. Our safety valves are frequently utilized in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

What does a safety valve do?

The function of a safety valve is to manage and regulate pressure. It has a spring that is set to open the valve when a pre-selected pressure is reached, this to avoid excess pressure that could damage the rest of the system. When normal pressure conditions have been restored, the valve closes again. On the page "All about safety valves" you can read more about how to best choose a safety valve for your industry or application.

Sizing and selection

Get help with the dimensioning and calculation of safety valves with our Ramén PRO Sizing calculation tool. Here you can find the safety valve that best suits your process by entering your unique parameters. The software then suggests the best option for your application. Our experts at Ramén Valves are available to help with safety valve calculations if you need it. You can book an appointment with us to get help. With our support, you can ensure that your safety valves are correctly dimensioned.

Safety valves for different pressure levels

Safety valves are available in different sizes and designs depending on the application and the maximum allowable pressure in the system. They are designed to open at a preset pressure level and release excess pressure to keep the pressure within safe limits. We offer safety valves in various sizes and pressure ranges, the range includes safety valves from 1.5 bar, 9 bar and 10 bar.

Safety valves for gas, steam and liquids

Pressure vessels and compressors are normally equipped with safety valves to release excess pressure in controlled ways to protect equipment against damage. HEROSE safety valves are available in different designs to suit different applications, including hydrogen, compressed air, and steam. These valves are made of different materials and have different types of seals, with or without light fittings, and are available in both gas-tight and open versions. This makes it possible to choose the optimal safety valve for your specific application.

Safety valve rules and regulations

In Sweden, the requirements for safety valves are regulated in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's regulation Användning och kontroll av trycksatta anordningar (AFS 2017:3). This means that those who have safety valves in their processes must follow certain rules and laws to ensure that the valves are correctly designed and checked according to given regulations. In the regulation, there are no exact time indications for how often inspection and service must be carried out, it says that they "...must be examined regularly with ongoing supervision". All organizations have different conditions, therefore it can be good to decide based on these which intervals are suitable for your particular process and then establish a routine.

Ramén Valves' service organization helps with the control of safety valves

If you want to make sure that the safety valve opens at the set opening pressure, it is most common to take the valve down and perform service and test it in a pressure test bench. Then you should also at the same time check the spring, valve body and sealing surfaces. The service organization at Ramén Valves can help with all of this. Read more about our services here.

Safety valves
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