Check valves

Check valves, also called one-way valves, are designed to stop backflow (reverse flow) of liquids and gases. They are common within the industry and are used to protect, for example, compressors and pumps from damage that can be caused by backflows. Ramén Valves manufactures two types of check valves: swing type check valves and globe style check valves in Y-type design. 

All our check valves are manufactured in our production facility in Fagersta, Sweden, and are available in many different designs and materials. We offer short delivery times and competitive prices.

Feel free to contact us for advice and our technical experts will help you find the right check valve for your specific application. You can also book a meeting with one of our technical specialists.

Check valves for the industry

Check valves are used in a variety of industrial processes to maintain optimal and safe operation. They are common in, for example, the process industry where they control the flow of various chemicals and other substances through the pipe system and thus prevent unwanted chemical reactions and minimize the risk of leakage. Check valves are also important in the food industry where, among other things, they prevent contamination of food. Also in energy production, especially in power plants, non-return valves are used to control the flow of steam and cooling water.

In summary, check valves are indispensable components in many different industries and applications where control of liquid or gas flow is essential.

About our Ramén check valves

Ramén Valves offers swing type check valves and globe style check valves in Y-type design. The valves have high capacity and low pressure drop as well as a compact design. Common areas of use for our check valves are in district heating, for ballast tanks on ships, chemical handling, raw water, and sea water.

If necessary, we install accessories such as counterweights and limit switches. Here you can read more about how check valves with counterweights work. Generally, counterweights are used when the process requires fast closing and a valve that can operate at very low deltaP.

Our check valves are available in many different materials, for example in several high-alloy metals such as Hastelloy C-276, 904L, Duplex and Super Duplex. The valves are also available in Titan Gr. 2. Our delivery times are very competitive, and we have low minimum order quantities, even for valves in exotic materials.

Swing type check valves

Ramén Valve's swing type check valves are designed for quick shut-off with minimal differential pressure to prevent backflow of gases or liquids. The cone of the valve is spring-loaded and requires a certain pressure for the medium to be released through the valve. Soft sealing or metal sealing seat offers the highest leakage class and minimal maintenance.

Y-type check valves

Ramén Valves offers Y-type check valves with the highest possible leakage class and minimal maintenance for liquid and gas flows. The design of the disc results in rapid shut-off in the event of backflow, and also enables the valve to open at low flows to maintain stable process conditions. Available with soft sealing or metal sealing as well as with a spring-loaded disk for controlled opening and closing and for different mounting positions. The valves are of the clamping type, also called wafer, for easy installation between flanges in DN80 to DN600.

Typical applications are steam, district heating, cooling water, chemicals, sea water and corrosive media.

Swedish manufacturing with a focus on quality and sustainability

All Ramén Valve's check valves are manufactured in our production facility in Fagersta, Sweden, where quality and sustainability are in focus. We control the entire production chain and all manufacturing processes are in accordance with the quality, environmental and work environment standards ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. Read more about our quality focus here.

Our unique proximity between production staff, engineers and technical salespeople means that we can develop customized solutions that meet our customers' unique needs.

Additive manufacturing

Ramén Valves is proud to be one of the first valve companies in the world to offer titanium grade 5 valves produced with Additive Manufacturing (AM). Thanks to this manufacturing method, we can offer our titanium check valves with short delivery times, flexible design changes and green manufacturing technology. These are just some of the benefits of AM. Read more about our Additive Manufacturing.

Check valves
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