Tank safety equipments

Tank safety equipment is essential to achieve safety, environmental protection and long-term operation of storage tanks in various industries, such as the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry and the food industry. By implementing the right tank safety equipment, the risk of accidents can be minimized. It protects the facility and personnel and ensure that the tanks operate reliably, according to prescribed standards and guidelines.

Ramén Valves offers high quality tank safety equipment from the American manufacturer Cashco Inc. We have been working with Cashco for over 30 years and have a great knowledge of the products and their areas of use.

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Different types of tank safety equipment

Ramén Valves offers a wide range of tank safety products such as emergency relief vents, flame arrestors, pressure vacuum relief vents and tank blanketing valves.

Emergency relief vents

Pressure relief vents are used on storage tanks to allow for emergency release due to fire in the vicinity of the tank. Pressure relief vents eliminate costly tank ruptures by enabling emergency release in the event of abnormal internal pressure. In the event of a fire, the weight is lifted up, providing a large ventilation area. Ramén Valves offers a wide variety of pressure relief vents from Valve Concepts, Inc. (VCI). Read more about emergency relief vents.

Flame arrestors

Flame arrestors, also spelled flame arresters, is a device that stops any fire in a tank by extinguishing the flame. The flame arrestor allows gas and steam to pass, but extinguishes the flame to prevent a major fire or explosion. There are a wide variety of situations where flame protection can be applied to reduce risks and improve safety aspects. For example, flame retardants can be used in fuel tank valves and piping. Ramén Valves offers high quality flame arrestors from Cashco Inc. Read more about flame arrestors.

Pressure/vacuum relief vents

A pressure/vacuum relief vent (PVRV) is a type of valve used to regulate or limit the pressure or vacuum that can be created inside a system or vessel due to a process disturbance, an instrument or equipment failure, or a fire. There is always a risk of a tank exploding due to overpressure or imploding due to vacuum. To prevent explosion or implosion, the tank must breathe. Because of their function, pressure/vacuum relief vents are often called "breathing valves". Ramén Valves offers high quality flame pressure/vacuum relief vents from Cashco Inc. Read more about pressure/vacuum relief vents

Tank blanketing valves

Tank blanketing is the process which means that a blanket of inert gas, often nitrogen gas, is applied to the space above the liquid in a closed storage tank. The purpose of the inert gas is to counteract the negative effects that oxygen has on the contents of the tank. For example, food handled in a tank can be oxidized and contaminated by oxygen. The presence of oxygen in a tank can also, when handling certain flammable substances, create very dangerous situations. Tank blanketing then helps to better control and prevent a possible fire by diluting the oxygen content in the vapor space within the flammable area. Ramén Valves offers high quality tank blanketing valves from Cashco Inc. Read more about tank blanketing valves.

Tank safety equipments
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