Cashco Pressure reducing regulator SLR-2

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Model SLR-2 is high performance, pressure loaded diaphragm-type, flow-to-open pressure reducing regulator. Design includes an internal pressure balancing pistoncylinder that provides high flow capacity and high pressure drop capability. Performance meets or exceeds that of
competitive pressure loaded or pilot-operated designs. A non-relieving pressure regulator "loader" is bracket mounted to the top of the dome. The set point of the loader controls the upstream supply pressure into the dome to maintain the desired downstream pressure of the SLR-2. Pressure
in the dome will constantly bleed out through a filter and check valve which is piped back into the outlet of the body of the pressure reducing regulator.

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Model KSC-1A
Product Name Cashco Pressure reducing regulator SLR-2
Country of Manufacture United States
Max pressure 475 PSIG

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