PMV D30 Positioner

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PMV D30 is a sturdy and advanced digital positioner, supplied by Flowserve, delivering a great air capacity to fit applications with larger valves. Suitable for both single and double acting pneumatic actuators, this digital positioner offers reliable and easy operation with low maintenance cost and downtime using ValveSight DTM predictive diagnostics system. The system enables a communication dashboard between operator and the valve. It helps operators to know the valve status and shows unexpected trends to avoid sudden plant stoppages. D30 series also has remote mounting option for harsh environments.

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Product Name PMV D30 Positioner
Design Smart Digital Valve Positioner PMV D30
Applications Oil, Industrial wastewater, Steam, Food & beverage, Drinking water (potable water), Corrosive gases, Combustible gases, Inert gases, Chemicals, Powder, Slurry

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