Part Kit A, SLR2-1",P8, #L20-000K-39A

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Product Name Part Kit A, SLR2-1",P8, #L20-000K-39A
Net Weight [kg] 0.5
Gross Weight [kg] 0
Country of Manufacture United States
Model SLR2
Article code Part Kit A, SLR2-1",P8, #L20-000K-39A
Package size [mm] 0
Statistics code 84819000
Height [mm] 0
Length [mm] 0
Width [mm] 0

1st 210-HL-4-P0148-10, Pos 9 DIAPHRAGM (-81 OPT)

3st 725-BJ-5-00694-00, Pos 14 O-RING (-116)

1st 725-BJ-5-P9135-00, Pos 15 O-RING (-135)

1st 790-E4-5-P0119-01, Pos 21 SEAT

1st 785-89-5-P9218-00, Pos 27 SEAL U-CUP (-218)






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