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The Ramén KSC control valve series is a brand-new innovative solution that offers the highest performance for controlling and isolating gases and fluids. With a broad range of flow capacities and flangeless (wafer) design, it is the most compact solution on the market in any installation. The KSC comes in two shapes, electrical or pneumatic with highest rangeability and lowest hysteresis in any configuration. Soft or metal seated designs makes it possible to optimize life cycle cost for any application.

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Product Name KSC-300-1B-PN16-AUSQR12.2/3x400VAC/FB
Country of Manufacture Sweden
Model KSC Electric Modulating
Valve size [DN] 300
Seat Metal Seat / Solid Stellite
Gross Weight [kg] 0
Net Weight [kg] 220.0
Package size [mm] 0
Statistics code 84818059
Length [mm] 1190
Height [mm] 368
Width [mm] 519
Connection Wafer
Actuator AUMA Profox Q80
Positioner -
Input 24 VDC
Output -
Supply 230 VAC
Application Fluid, Gas
Kvs [m3/h] 2.1
Cv [gpm] 2.5

Ramén Ball Sector Valve type KS-1B, DN300, PN16

Kvs/Cv = 3580/4500

Body: 1.4409 / Ball sector: 1.4409+Cr

Seat ring: Stellite (pos 10)

O-rings: FKM (pos 13/14/15/16)

Flanged PN 16


Modulating, parallel I/O interface

Part-turn actuator, modulating duty S4-25%

Torque range 600-1200 Nm

Max modulating torque 600 Nm

Valve attachment according to ISO 5211

Operating time 16/32/63/125s

Corrosion protection KS, Enclosure IP68

Ambient temperature -30°C to +70°C

Motor 3-ph 400V/50Hz

Electronic control unit with magnetic limit and torque transmitter (MWG)

Heater in switch compartment (5W)

Actuator control with thyristor unit for power classes B1/B2

Local controls with selector switch LOCAL-OFF-REMOTE, push buttons

OPEN-STOP-CLOSE-RESET, 5 indication lights, Graphic LC display,

bluetooth communication via AUMA ToolSuite CDT

Control interface: positioner 4-20mA, inputs 24VDC OPEN-STOP-CLOSE

Status signals via 6 programmable output contacts


Analogue output 4-20mA

Wiring diagram: TPCA-1B1-1H2-A000TPA00R100-0I1-000


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