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The Model 4381 is a stainless steel pressure reducing regulator designed to handle small to mid-capacity flow rates in general, chemical, or cryogenic services. This unit is capable of controlling outlet pressure to a level between 2 and 500 Psig (.14 and 34.5 Barg).

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Product Name KSC-300-1-PN16-AUSQR12.2/3x400VAC/FB
Country of Manufacture Sweden
Model KSC Electric Modulating
Valve size [DN] 300
Seat Soft Seat / Carbon filled PTFE
Gross Weight [kg] 0
Net Weight [kg] 220.0
Package size [mm] 0
Statistics code 84818059
Length [mm] 1190
Height [mm] 368
Width [mm] 519
Connection Wafer
Actuator AUMA SQR 12.2
Positioner -
Input 4-20 mA
Output 4-20 mA
Supply 230 VAC
Application Fluid, Gas
Kvs [m3/h] 3840
Cv [gpm] 4500

Ramén Ball Sector Valve type KS-1, DN300, PN16

Kvs/Cv = 3580/4500

Body: 1.4409 / Ball sector: 1.4409

Seat ring: PTFE (Carbon/graphite reinforced) (pos 10)

O-rings: FKM (pos 13/14/15/16)

Flanged PN 16


Modulating, parallel I/O interface

Part-turn actuator, modulating duty S4-25%

Torque range 600-1200 Nm

Max modulating torque 600 Nm

Valve attachment according to ISO 5211

Operating time 16/32/63/125s

Corrosion protection KS, Enclosure IP68

Ambient temperature -30°C to +70°C

Motor 3-ph 400V/50Hz

Electronic control unit with magnetic limit and torque transmitter (MWG)

Heater in switch compartment (5W)

Actuator control with thyristor unit for power classes B1/B2

Local controls with selector switch LOCAL-OFF-REMOTE, push buttons

OPEN-STOP-CLOSE-RESET, 5 indication lights, Graphic LC display,

bluetooth communication via AUMA ToolSuite CDT

Control interface: positioner 4-20mA, inputs 24VDC OPEN-STOP-CLOSE

Status signals via 6 programmable output contacts


Analogue output 4-20mA

Wiring diagram: TPCA-1B1-1H2-A000TPA00R100-0I1-000


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