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Reservdelskit för utbyte av delar i Ramén KulSektorventil DN80-300. Levereras i ziplockpåse, finns alltid i lager.

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Product Name KSC-25/15-1B-PN40-AUQ80/230VAC/FB
Product status [1077] 2
Country of Manufacture Sweden
Model KSC Electric Modulating
Valve size [DN] 25/15
Seat Metal Seat / Solid Stellite
Feedback 4-20 mA
Connection Wafer
Actuator Pneumatic WM8/DA
Positioner SE - SRD998
Input 4-20 mA
Output No
Supply min 6 bar
Kvs [m3/h] 5.0
Cv [gpm] 5.8
Gross Weight [kg] 0
Net Weight [kg] 11.2
Package size [mm] 0
Statistics code 84818059
Length [mm] 462
Height [mm] 315
Width [mm] 160
Application Fluid, Gas

Ramén Ball Sector Valve type KS-1B, DN25/15, PN40

Kvs/Cv = 12,5/15

Body: 1.4432 / Ball sector: 1.4435+Cr

Seat ring: Stellite (pos 10)

O-rings: FKM (pos 13/14/15/16)

Wafer type (for flange PN 10/40)


Electric actuator Auma Profox Q80, function modulating S4-50%

Local controls with push buttons, positioner 4-20mA

Status signals via output contacts open-closed-fault, analog output 4-20mA

Motor 1-ph 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, integral actuator control, insulation class F

Torque 32-80 Nm, max modulating torque 40 Nm, operating time 8-80 sec

Hand wheel, mechanical position indicator, enclosure protection IP67

Wiring diagram: TPCP00A1B1A100000


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